Sexy Time With Santa


There are a lot things we have to accept during the holiday season. Traffic will suck, all the retail stores will be packed, and everyone will forget what manners are and it’s every man for himself. Between fighting for a parking space and hitting each other with grocery carts it is easy to forget about appreciating your partner in an intimate way. So here are some tips to get through this hectic time and also spend some sexy time with Santa.

  1. Sexy stocking stuffers for both you and your partner. There are a lot of places where you can find some quick stocking stuffers. You don’t even have to visit the corner store; chocolate syrup and whip cream are classics. Don’t be afraid to throw in a spatula for a light spanking too!
  2. Make sexy coupons for your partner to redeem. Leave it on his/her pillow.
  3. Relax at the end of the night with a bottle of wine, some candles, and a bubble bath. For most women intimacy is emotional and not just physical so you have to clear your mind, as well as, relaxing your body.
  4. Put the kids to bed a little early. They won’t notice. When I was a kid my entire house shut down at noon every Saturday for “nap time“. I was an adult before I realized why mom was always in such a good mood after nap time.

The End of An Era

board-1820678_1920.jpgFirst, let me say that not all men abuse or exploit women. I am not a man basher. I’m an asshole basher and those come in all shapes. The are plenty of good men out there. The ones that aren’t so good, well, they deserve the social rejection we are seeing right now. For decades women have had to tolerate the attitude that men can do and say what they want. Well, the fat lady – or man – is signing loud and clear right now. We will tolerate it no more. Am I the only one that thinks Kesha has a lot to do with the massive wave of women that have stood up recently and said it will happen no more? No more will we have to accept boys will be boys. There is no denying the current social climate is going to have ripple effects we have yet to realize.

More Cookies Please!  

cookie-1381147_1920Physical touch is a very important part of the human experience. When babies are deprived physical attention from their mothers the repercussions to their brain development are profound. So why is adult intimacy seen as some extra curricular activity performed for the enjoyment of men only? Intimate touch between consenting adults should be considered as important to our mental well being as air is to living. It is not a consolation prize nor it is a a bargaining chip.  Side note – if you don’t enjoy it, fix it. Spice it up with a subscription box (selfish plug) or with solo products, but fix it. Life it too short to miss out on eating your cookies. If you needed a list of benefits to the Big Bang: increases self esteem, relieves stress, relationship satisfaction, feeling happy physically and emotionally, feeling as if your partner really does understand you inside and out. Let’s also not forget the fact that less than 30% of women can actually get the Big O – sorry guys you gotta up your game. Once you do get there with your partner you’ll keep getting there. That means cookies all year long! Do I really need to go on?

People who are smarter than me have more to say here: Psychology Today: The Power of Touch.