I am an entrepreneur, teacher, mother, wife, and feminist. All of my roles are extremely important to me. FOR ME, Feminism is about equality in the work place and for ending social stigma’s that were never true to begin with.  Somewhere along the way someone told us that to be a Feminist we had to reject everything that was considered feminine. We don’t. I want my daughters to make as much money as their male counterparts and I want their intentions not be be judged by the length of their shorts, but I also want to make my husband dinner every night and shave my armpits. This is what works in my life.

I was not an English major and sometimes you might see a misspelled word or comma out of place. This doesn’t make me stupid, it makes me human. This is a place for me to express my view point and I hope you like it, but if you don’t you are free to move on to another blog. This is a place for positive sharing of information and only positive attitudes are welcome.