Japanese Drip Candles

Japanese drip candles can be a great way to introduce kinky, light bondage, play to your bedroom. Drip candles burn at a low temperature but the wax is still going to get hot so you don’t want to jump headfirst and burn your partner. That would send the direction of the evening in a different direction. Light other candles in the room and ask your partner to lie down for an intimate massage. Start with some lotion and playful touching.

You know, all the stuff you normally skip when you get comfortable in long-term relationships.  

Nibble on his/her ear and let them know when you are lighting the candle. Continue the touching with your free hand and simply tilt the candle to allow the wax to drip on parts of your partners back. Don’t get carried away unless they want you too. After a few minutes of fun swap positions and now it’s your turn.

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