Can Food Start The Mood?

The link between food and sex is due in large part to our primal nature as human beings. There are hormonal responses and things firing in the brain, but the bottom line is we are biologically programmed to satisfy the urge to eat it or have sex with it.

American Pie (1999)

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I turned to the internet and went on a hunt to find some Valentine’s Day aphrodisiac foods. I was overwhelmingly disappointed with what I found. Oysters, eggs, celery….really. Celery? I can say with certainty that I have eaten all of the these foods and not once do I remember feeling that special urge. I kept digging. Pumpkin seeds, avocados, and asparagus. Have you ever smelled your pee after eating asparagus? While I’m sure there is a market for that I am still not feeling the urge.

I have come to the conclusion that while there is science backing up the claims of the eggs and celery; most people are not going to feel the effects of such foods in one meal. If you do it is likely a placebo effect. If you don’t feel relaxed and sexy no amount of celery or eggs is going to get you there.

If you want to have fun cooking a great meal for your partner then by all means do so but don’t forget to add some self care while you are at it. Take a bath, light candles, and have a glass of wine or whatever it takes to get you feeling relaxed. Have a candlelight dinner on the floor and feed each other strawberries and cake. Laugh, talk, and remember what made you fall in love.


The best way to get yourself and your partner in the mood is the overall experience not just the celery.   

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