HotHouse Intimates Subscription Box

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Where: Hothouse Intimates
What: FireBox ($45)
  So 1st off they ship discreetly, and worldwide! Boxes start at just $25 per month. Uniquely picked out per preference – my box was chalked Full !
Please Note these are the Names Im calling them not sure if Exact! And Costs locally or Online (whichever is cheaper)
  The FireBox I got consisted of:
** Lingerie (here for the same product costs a whopping $39- & thats shopping around! )
** A Feather Tickler/Teaser Toy : about $8 (local shop – I hate buying from)
** Vibrating Fun Finger Tickler: $9.99
** Ring : $4 (on sale locally)
** 3 Various / Surprise Condoms : $1 – $2
** Toy Cleaner.. $3
** Mini Massage Lotion: $2
** Japanese Drip Candle ( 3 for $7.21 — I got 1 — so $2.40 ish)
So as you can see — Definately a save…

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